Study In USA

Study In USA

The United States of America has been a Worldwide pioneer in the field of Higher education. It is a place where there are dreams with excellent training and expectation for everyday comforts. The USA is known for its expertise in technology, strong government policies, effective laws and powerful defense system. Universities in the US provide very flexible programs.

Why Study In USA

The main goal for global understudies looking to get a choice vocation edge is at present the United States of AmericaUnited States of America (USA) is famous for:

  • The USA welcomes students from all over the world which creates a multicultural environment in the classrooms.
  • A degree of the USA is globally recognized so students can get employment anywhere in the world after completing their study in the USA.
  • Universities globally are ranked on the number of research papers published every year.
  • Universities in the US provide very flexible programs. Students are open to choose from a variety of courses and electives available in the stream.

Education System

Before you choose to study in the USA, you should realize that the instructive establishments in the USA are both open and private, The education system in the USA is the most versatile and flexible higher education system for international students in the world. Different institutions offer different levels of degrees. The nature of training of these foundations is dissected by particular certifying organizations that are perceived by the U.S. Secretary of Education and individuals from the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA).

Work While Studying

There are some rules that you have to follow. Before you start finding a job in the USA as a student, contact your Designated School Official (DSO). Off-campus employment opportunities are available for those students who have completed their one-full academic year in the U.S. To apply for off-campus employment, you must have approval from the DSO. After getting approval, you can work off-campus 20 hours per week.

Part-time work opportunity can help you to earn enough to cut your daily expenses. But you should decide first the reason to get a job whether it is to reduce the burden of your course fee or to gain some work experience.

You can work off-campus through programs like OPT, CPT and OPT through the STEM.

Plan Your Funds And Budget

The cost of studying in the USA for international students depends on the type of institution. You can consider a part-time job while studying in to help pay off any expenses or to cover your basic needs. The Tuition cost for doing a graduate degree or research program in the United States ranges from $10,000 to $70,000 depending upon your chosen field of study. Estimated living expenses per year – $10,000-$16,000.

Select Course You Want To Study

US education helps you to find out the path of excellence and success. The USA Provides all levels of degrees with various fields of Study in excess of 4000 authorize colleges. It’s Offering an expansive scope of projects including biotechnology, advertising, designing, engineering, business, Job-oriented management programme, research-centric science and technology courses which provides students with outstanding teaching, practical knowledge & flexibility. The USA has one of the most grounded economies on the planet and offers career-specific courses to the students which prepare students any challenges in life.

Universities And Colleges In USA

  • California Coast University
  • New York University
  • San Jose State University
  • Silicon Valley University
  • Carrington College
  • Columbia University
  • Baruch College
  • Santa Clara University

Documents Required

  • Form DS-156 completely field.
  • Form DS-157 completely field.
  • Form DS-158 completely field.
  • Form applicant’s parent’s information completely field.
  • Photocopy of form I-20.
  • Receipt of Home office fee payable after visa confirmation.
  • Visa application fee in cash.
  • Passport in Original with Photocopy.
  • National ID card in Original.
  • Complete Details of your family e.g. name, address, contact numbers, applicant Height (tallness).
  • Two pictures with white background. Size 2 inches x 2 inches (50mmx50mm).